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Hot Products offers a great variety of prepaid phone cards for cheap international and domestic long distance calls.

International Calling Cards

Our best international calling rates start at 0.4 cent per minute. You can make cheap international calls worldwide from any telephone: home, office, hotels, payphones and mobiles. Buy our international calling cards online now at lowest price and save money with the best calling rates.
. All your calls will be carried over reliable global fiber optic cable and satellite network with 24-hours / 365-days network surveillance and operation support. Making international long distance calls with our prepaid phonecards you will be pleasantly surprised with high quality of international connection. We have found the best long distance service providers. They are able to keep cheap international and long distance rates by keeping a very high level of customer satisfaction.
Most of our products are rechargeable phone cards. This feature enables you to use the same phone card PIN over and over. You can recharge (refill) your PIN online at any time 24 hours a day. Also you can refill your rechargeable phonecard using SMS-Refill feature or Auto Recharge option.
Our pinless calling cards allow you Pinless Dialing (PIN-Free Access). It is the ability of the calling card provider to recognize you automatically without the need of entering your PIN number.
With our Continental international phone card you can make SMS-Calls, PDA-Calls, PC to Phone Calls, Conference Calls. Away from home? Looking for the right gift? Sending kids off to school? Need to call in emergency? Our cheap phone cards are the solution. Great for business professionals, leisure travelers, students, and people who frequently place international calls.
Buying our prepaid calling card online couldn't be easier. Or more secure. Just a few minutes and you'll be done. PIN number will be shown as soon as the credit card transaction is successful. A copy of the receipt is emailed to the address provided within a few seconds. So you can start using your cheap international calling card immediately! also offers the easiest and the cheapest way to recharge your wireless prepaid phone. We provide wireless refill cards for many wireless carriers like AllTel, Boost, Cingular, T-mobile, Verizon, Tracfone, STI Mobile.

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